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Ask Precision Pump Company Here are some of the common questions, concerns, and issues we see daily which are directly related to your health and water quality:
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Got brown water?
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Why C-57 licensed?
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Why Precision Pump Company
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Realtor Services?
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PG&E bill go up?
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Galvanized pipes?
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Realtor Services At Precision Pump, we do not do the typical well test; we do well inspections. Our inspections include full inspections of all equipment and check for problems in the whole system. Our well inspections include all of the following:

  • We thoroughly inspect all equipment to determine if it is in working order
  • We record any and all visible information about the equipment such as brand, size, and date code
  • We test for current GPM (Gallons Per Minute) using the latest sonar equipment
  • We measure pumping level versus static level
  • We pull water samples and send to a certified laboratory
  • We check for bacteria and nitrites and will order any additional tests upon request
  • If needed, we can research records through the county and/or the state for information about your well at the time it was drilled
  • We provide a written report upon completion of all laboratory tests
  • We provide recommendations to keep your system in tip top shape
  • We provide free written estimates for any repairs and upgrades that may need to be made
  • We provide Realtors with a full written report on how the well performed
  • We provide Realtors with free written bid upon completion of the inspection
  • We provide Realtors with easy online ordering here!

Measuring Well Output
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Clean Well Failed Testing Here Precision Pump performed a well inspection on an old well that pumped clean until the last hour when it started to pump blue hard rock cuttings due to a cave in. This well had no liner meaning the well has caved in at the bottom.
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